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"A musical explosion"
– Daily Freeman

– David Malachowski

"She's beyond category."
– Steve Ramm, "Anything Phonographic"

"Incredible picking"
– Kurt Henry, Quail Hollow Events

Purchase Elly's music here. Click here to listen to Elly's concert and interview on WAMC's Performance Place with Howard Glassman, June 18, 2008.

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"Little Red Wagon" (2018)

Listen: Little Red Wagon Clarion River For Fred

“In a career spanning several decades, there arrives a defining moment when the solos, the duos, the trios, the productions and all the experience and awards come together in an essential work. LITTLE RED WAGON is that moment for Elly Wininger. This collection of 13 songs integrates all the elements and aspects of Elly's multi-faceted talent.”

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"Part Time Paradise" (2010)

Listen: Part Time Paradise Rock Me Baby Don't Wait

“After 5 decades of playing the acoustic guitar, this is finally the CD that expresses my passion for the instrument in its many glorious voices. From the country blues I have always loved, to original songs on the flat top and slide guitar, to some unusual covers of both well known and little known songs, this CD runs the gamut of American folk styles. And yes, there are vocals too, including an original sing-along (The Samsara Drinking Song) recorded live at a cafe the Hudson Valley. Blues, finger picking, slide guitar, you name it, it's here.”

Read review by Robert Burke Warren

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"Back Eddy Blues" (2007)

Listen: Walkin' After Midnight Little Black Cloud Next Year

Buy it on CD Baby "Housewife from Hell" (1997)

Listen: Happiness What Am I Doing in Virginia? Housewife from Hell

Produced by Steve Burgh at Baby Monster Studio

“Happiness” © Elly Wininger, BMI
  • Elly Wininger: Acoustic Guitar, Vocal
  • Susan Cohen: Flute, Vocal
  • Steve Burgh: Electric Guitar, Percussion
  • Tom Freund: Bass
  • Charlie Giordano: Fender Rhodes, Accordion
  • Barry Lazarowitz: Drums
    “What Am I Doing in Virginia?” © Elly Wininger, BMI
  • Elly Wininger: Vocal
  • Susan Cohen: Flute, Vocal
  • Steve Burgh: Bass
  • Larry Packer: Violin, Viola
  • Rob Turner: Cello
  • Charlie Giordano: Piano
  • Barry Lazarowitz: Drums
  • String Arrangement by Larry Packer and Rob Turner