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Thank you, Sandrolin Koppel
March 25, 2022

"So sick of 'best of women guitar players' lists-- Then they show gals with great cleavage and shredding guitars fast soulless noise… yay … yippee .. fast fingers ….Again .. if you have not heard me .. (you do now … )
Talent ranked on gender lists … imho is garbage in garbage out…
That being said. ..Elly was trained from early teen years by a NYC male star … testosterone on a stage but he was/ is good ..
And I have seen Elly on stages with testosterone shredder guys who couldn’t keep up with Elly’s prowess and wonderful improvisations .
Yup …. she was handed one of their electric snazzy geetar machines and on the cuff …flew …but with amazing craft that made music."
~Sandolin Koppel (Adelphi Records)